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The sky and the sea and the mountains and rivers and the grass and the trees

Hashiguiiwa Rocks in Wakayama Prefecture

A little old soliloquy

2021.11.27 (Saturday)

 The name of the mutant strain is "Omicron"

It is said that the stock price has dropped to the news of "new mutant strain detection in South Africa". If you look into it, it is true that the number of people infected in South Africa has increased from 1721 last week to 4185 this week due to weekly dynamic changes. Although it is still low compared to 134,000 people in the first week of July, which was the highest number four months ago, multiple infected people who have been vaccinated twice have been confirmed, and there are concerns about the future spread and the strength of toxicity.

2021.11.26 (Friday)

 Marvel at the beauty of cattleya

This is the first time I have stared at the open Cattleya. It's beautiful. Phalaenopsis orchid is good, but this is also good. I feel like I couldn't afford to see the flowers when I was active. "It's only when you know when it should be scattered that you can become a flower in the world, and you can become a person." (The petals are fully opened over the next 3 days. I was impressed by how the colors matured vividly day by day.)

2021.11.25 (Thursday)

After all, the anonymous orchid was Cattleya. From this morning to the evening, the buds were half open. Maybe the petals will be fully open tomorrow. I am deeply moved because it was full of scratches.

Impressions of the new corona tabulation are posted on the "Yomoyama Story" page.

2021.11.24 (Wednesday)

In early February, I picked up a stock of orchids that had been trampled on the side of the road. The leaves are broken in half and pechanko. There, a cork of wine was wrapped in a large flowerpot that was piled up like a mountain to support the damaged leaves, and from spring it was placed in a bright shade.

I thought it wouldn't grow easily, but when I saw it last week, a big bud was swelling from the base of the wide leaf. It looks like it's finally blooming. At first I thought it was Dendrobium, but when I imagined the size of a single wheel that the reddish purple color could be seen through a little, I felt like Cattleya. The temperature dropped due to the rain the day before yesterday, so I moved to a bright window and was observing. No, it's probably Cattleya. It used to be displayed somewhere at the time of flowering, but eventually the flowers died and could not be raised, so they were probably thrown away. The brown and dry appearance when picked up is now revived in dark green. The buds will open in a few days. If you look closely, another leaf is growing on another leaf. I also have more fun.

2021.11.23 (Tuesday)

The rain that continued all day yesterday has risen this morning and it is refreshing, but winter is approaching again. I don't like global warming, but I don't like the cold. Speaking of which, there was a hypothesis that when the Arctic ice melts and the salinity of the surface layer decreases, the deep sea current stagnates and the northern hemisphere becomes cold. I drew the same theme in science fiction movies, but even if I knew that it was a story of 100 years and 1000 years, I feel something creepy every time I feel the seasons on my skin. Called the new corona, decarbonized, and now the world is surrounded by anxiety that is unfamiliar, and everyone has turned inward.

Science is wisdom before it stumbles, but it also carries the risk of fueling unpredictable anxiety. I must wonder if more diverse perspectives are needed here as well.

Today is Labor Thanksgiving Day. We send ale to young people who are struggling for work and thank all working people, young and old.

Is it okay for Chinese female tennis player Hosui? I just pray for safety.

2021.11.22 (Monday) Ooshiko Shrine

On Saturdays and Sundays, I decided to take a complete rest. Do what you like. Until now, when I was doing business alone, I tended to get stuck in the same work endlessly. I regret that diversity is indispensable for my actions.

By the way, yesterday (Sunday) I went to "Ooshiko Shrine". Although it is a shrine located in Takasago City, Hyogo Prefecture, it is not well known that it has a name (raw stone is called Ooshiko) and that there is a huge stone structure there. The nearest station is JR Hoden Station. It is probably taken from the name of this stone structure "Treasure Hall of Stone". (Top 2 panoramic photos)

A dice-shaped giant rock object with a side of 6 to 7 m is floating on the surface of the water 20 cm.

Eh !?

Everyone is surprised to see it. The weight is estimated to be 465 tons. The entire small mountain where the shrine is located is a mass of tuff that is carved to a depth of about 10 m on the southeastern slope. The shrine is enshrined just before the Hoden, so the deformity cannot be seen from the front. It only appears in front of you after passing through the center of the shrine. The engraving around it is only about 2 meters wide, so even if you stick your back to the wall, you cannot see the whole thing. Similar to an Indian rock temple. Isn't it the work of the same masonry group as "Masuda Iwafune" near Asuka Village? The tuff sarcophagus found in many burial mounds is said to have been shipped from here. According to the company's biography, it is 97 AD, so it feels like the entrance to ancient consideration.

The deities are Okuninushi and Sukuna bi kona, I see.

2021.11.19 (Friday)

Congratulations on "Otani-san"! It's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

It's been a long time since I was impressed. The ability to communicate to the world is really "a good job" than any politician or diplomat. Even if he achieves a great achievement, he is humble and kind. It's wonderful because it can be done naturally. I would like many stubborn older generations to emulate this young man.

I am grateful to Mr. Otani for sending such a refreshing breeze in this era of blockage.

Mr. Koba in heaven will also applaud.

2021.11.18 (Thursday)

I'm worried that the number of newly infected people in Germany and South Korea is the highest ever ...

Every Thursday is the day when the new corona information is compiled in Excel from the Johns Hopkins University website. More than 18 months have already passed. Although the world data of infectious diseases is unprecedented, the background of the numbers (number of tests, medical system, regulation contents, presence or absence of information control) is different in each country, so it is not possible to make a simple comparison, but there are some that look faint. Currently, there are 66 deaths per 100,000 people worldwide. However, Western countries are two to three times as many. The United States has 232, the United Kingdom has 212, Italy has 220, Belgium has 228, and France has 183. On the other hand, Japan has 14 people, South Korea 6 people, India 34 people, Pakistan 13 people, and even Malaysia, which has increased rapidly recently, has 92 people, which is less than double digits in Asia. There is a large bias depending on the region. Doesn't it seem that a country with many "cold-sans" for decades is more resistant?

Mr. Koba, the former director of Carp, is gone. He was kind, polite and passionate. Gassho ...

2021.11.17 (Wednesday)

Hokusetsu is a nice day today. Recently, people who walk with their masks off have come to see them. It is true that the number of newly infected people in Japan has decreased sharply, but the reason is not clear at all. Experts say it's a vaccine effect, but is it that simple? In South Korea next door, the vaccination rate is increasing at the same level, while in Nigeria, where the vaccination rate is about 3%, it is decreasing in the same way as in Japan. There are still many things I don't understand. It seems necessary to look at more diverse factors. Infection may increase again when the cold comes next week. But when you think about it, the same is true for colds. After all, it's best to eat well and sleep well. "Molnupiravir" "Paxlobido" A drug with a name that seems to bite your tongue. I wish I could be a savior.

2021.11.16 (Tuesday)

The expression of COP26 Chairman's bitterness may be the expression of the earth as it is. The consciousness of the inhabitants living on the beach and the rich people living in high-rise condominiums in the city is literally different from heaven and earth. The appearance of the town 30 years after the children live is unintentionally created by the consciousness of each adult who lives now. Given that many animals have already been extinct, there is no doubt that they will reach ourselves. Mr. Tumberi, I understand your resentment, but why don't you expand your circle of empathy more politely without being pointed? Even if you can't go back, you have no choice but to move forward.

2021.11.15 (Monday)

"The ostrich is stupid but useful" The latest book by Mr. Tsukamoto, who became the president of Kyoto Prefectural University. Even if the content overlaps with the previous work, it is still interesting and impressed. Vitality and immunity may be the central issues of evolution.

The current BGM is the voice of wild birds. Sometimes the sound of the waves between songs makes me feel refreshed.

Oh, session 0 today as well. What is the HP for?

2021.11.14 (Sunday) Cloud sunny 9 ℃ Minimum temperature

It became cold in the morning and evening. I'm worried about back pain. I was able to HP, but it doesn't make sense if I can't search. I don't understand site authentication or SEO at all. Oh, it looks like it's going to be long. This site no one sees ...

2021.11.13 (Saturday) Fine weather

The singer Melody Gardo that I recently learned. The sluggish slow ballad and up tempo are quite tasty. By the way, there were various discoveries during this new corona period. About myself and the world. Both unfortunate and good. This morning's newspaper, China's history resolution is not anachronistic, Mr. Xi Jinping? "Oh, I didn't like it." ... But let's stop messing around. Rakuten is the best.

2021.11.12 (Friday) Fine weather

Jakucho Setouchi has passed away.

There is loneliness as if my relatives have passed away. Although I wasn't the writer who read it, I had a nostalgic feeling like my grandmother, whose natural narrative had a deep nostalgia.

Today I listen to Mozart's Requiem.

Gassho ...

2021.11.11 (Thursday) Cold rain

Music is good. Be sure to play BGM every day. Now Jessica Simpson. Before that, Chopin. Next is Sawano Kohboh's jazz. Randomly one song at a time.

… Around this weekend, the autumn leaves may start on the waterfall road in Minoh… Why don't you go for a walk?

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