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​I don't usually have it around me. A strange shape that is not practical at all. But for some reason it's an interesting shape. I wanted to create a shape that doesn't exist anywhere.

There are only two types of Pitagora 3D joints. Various structures are assembled by adjusting the number of connections depending on the combination method and changing the length of the rod with the reverse screw positive screw engraved on the connection rod. The Rod can be cut to any length and used, so the variations are endless. Use it for interior, design, art, structural trial and error, etc. <On sale at Amazon>

Here, I would like to introduce some basic examples with photos and videos, and tweet about daily changes in my profile.

​​ I hope you find the tips and points on how to make Pitagora 3D helpful.

Pitagora 3D: Patent: Registered Trademark: patent

Patent number

"Registration No. 6288964"

"Registration No. 6300382"

Registered trademark

"Registration No. 6256548"

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