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Hello, this is a sparrow

Is it true that dinosaurs have evolved into birds?

​ Then what was the sparrow like?

Sparrow's "talking"

Fairy tales such as "Shita-kiri Suzume" may not be familiar to children today, but there are still many sparrows in the roadside trees and fields. It's close, but its gestures and flapping are so fast that it's hard to notice. After all, Hokusai and Jakuchu drawn in the picture are amazing.

Then, I thought about taking a picture with a camera, but this is actually troublesome. It is not easy to capture a dynamic figure from a good angle even with a telephoto lens. After all, they are small and fast moving. I don't think normal reflexes will probably catch up with the photo opportunity.

By the way, the photos arranged here. He flies, bounces, quarrels, plays, and has a pretty cute expression.

If you leave the food for birds such as millet and Japanese millet, they will gather in a fairly friendly manner. Choose a good location for the rays, fix the camera on a tripod and wait, and they'll come. It shows various appearances such as parents and children and rivals.

Moroko and sparrows are ordinary friends who are everywhere, but they are living hard. Its appearance is both adorable and beautiful.

This is also a work that can be done by a quiet person.

I wish there was a like-minded person ...


Wakayama Prefecture Hashiguiiwa

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